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Since 1975, Connexion Electrical Limited has maintained its status as a premier entity in the electrical industry. Celebrating over four decades of excellence, we stand as a paragon in manufacturing, importing, and distributing electrical and site lighting equipment. 

Our Connexion Electrical About Us page narrates the tale of our unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and dependability that has earned us the trust of customers across the UK. With a rich legacy of adapting to market demands, we continue to deliver superior solutions, cementing our reputation as a stalwart in the field.”

Embracing the future with enthusiasm, Connexion Electrical Limited steadfastly champions innovation and progress. 

Our Connexion Electrical About Us page highlights our journey into new technologies, sustainable methodologies, and cutting-edge solutions that echo our ethos of making a positive impact on the industry and environment. From our expansive warehouse in London, we are poised to house an extensive inventory, ensuring we meet the diverse needs of our clients promptly and efficiently.

Join us on this journey of illumination and empowerment. Together, we illuminate spaces, power possibilities, and connect ambitions.


1975 September A. Leigh Ltd was incorporated.

In September 1975, Leigh Ltd emerged from humble beginnings as a storage facility, driven by resourcefulness and resilience. The founder, Andrew Leigh, set a cornerstone for the business with a focus on crafting high-quality hand tools. As the company flourished, 1982 marked a pivotal moment with the expansion of their product line to include cable reels, initiating an import and sales venture.

The subsequent move from Borehamwood to Burnt Oak, Edgware, in 1983 heralded new horizons and partnerships, including a significant handshake with the global brand Black and Decker, and later, an exclusive UK agency deal with a prestigious German brand.

Leigh Ltd's narrative echoes in Connexion Electrical About Us ethos

where dedication to innovation is at the forefront. With a parallel spirit, Connexion Electrical has championed the import and sale of cable reels, surmounting challenges to establish trusted global supplier relationships. Our shared journey is a beacon of perseverance and innovation, inspiring a legacy that resonates with the transformative power of vision and dedication, encapsulating the essence of our evolution and impact on the community and industry at large.

1983 the company moved from Borehamwood to Burnt Oak

In 1983, our trajectory pivoted as we relocated from Borehamwood to Burnt Oak, Edgware, ushering in a new era of strategic reorientation and heightened ambition. Our partnership with the esteemed Black and Decker brand as distributors heralded unprecedented opportunities and broadened our market reach. Yet, as the industry currents shifted, we adapted our sails, focusing intently on cable reels and securing exclusive UK agency rights with a prominent German company, thus fortifying our commitment to superior quality solutions. This period was emblematic of our resilience, adaptability, and unwavering quest for excellence.

As we recount this transformative phase, it is mirrored in Connexion Electrical About Us narrative, where resilience is the cornerstone of our identity. Our collaboration with Black and Decker was a testament to our dynamic growth and the symbiotic fusion of visions. However, faced with the need to recalibrate due to market shifts, we showcased our inherent adaptability. The acquisition of exclusive rights from a revered German company not only diversified our portfolio but also reaffirmed our dedication to excellence. This chapter, much like Connexion Electrical's ongoing story, is characterized by robust adaptability and the relentless pursuit of excellence—a testament to our ethos and the legacy we continue to build.


In 1988, a pivotal invitation from Wickes to design a 4-way extension cord catalyzed a transformative leap into manufacturing for us. This endeavor was not just about meeting a demand; it signified a foundational shift in our business model and an expansion of our capabilities. Embracing the challenge with our characteristic dedication and innovative spirit, we utilized our deep-seated engineering expertise to create not merely an extension cord, but a symbol of our manufacturing acumen.

This evolution marked a significant stride beyond our traditional supply chain role, blending production with provision to deliver comprehensive client solutions. The creation of the 4-way extension cord was a landmark achievement that demonstrated our ability to adapt and innovate, embodying the very essence of our commitment to excellence.

Reflecting on this momentous milestone, Connexion Electrical About Us section reverberates with the theme of evolution and growth. It celebrates our journey from a dedicated distributor to a dynamic manufacturer, highlighting our flexibility in adapting to market needs and our drive to offer products that align with our foundational values of quality and service. Our collaboration with industry partners like Wickes underscores the breadth of our expertise and our ongoing mission to deliver exceptional electrical solutions.


In a determined quest for growth and ingenuity, a pivotal moment unfolded as we moved from Burnt Oak to our current home in Colindale. This transition to a larger, purpose-built facility marked a defining moment in our evolution, reinforcing our identity and expanding our operational capacity.

The establishment in Colindale opened a new chapter brimming with potential. With more room to grow, we could now better accommodate the increasing demands of our industry, enhance our manufacturing capabilities, and nurture the seeds of innovation. This location has become a hub of creativity and collaboration, a place where groundbreaking ideas are transformed into tangible solutions, and where partnerships are strengthened.

Now, Colindale represents more than just a geographical location for us; it embodies our steadfast dedication to continual advancement. It is a testament to the spirit of our Connexion Electrical About Us story—a narrative that speaks of a relentless drive towards innovation and a thriving legacy that extends from cable reels to a myriad of electrical solutions, all while fostering a culture of progress and excellence within its walls.


The year 1992 marked a momentous period for us as the devaluation of the pound against the German Mark necessitated a strategic pivot in our operations. The importation of German goods became economically challenging, spurring us to innovate from within. We invested in molding tools, which allowed us to domestically produce our cable reels and cassettes, thereby embarking on an era characterized by self-reliance and ingenuity.

This transformative period also saw us extend our reach to the international stage, specifically to China, where we began importing substantial quantities of 4-way blocks. These were then assembled in the UK, exemplifying a strategic blend of global sourcing and local manufacturing that underscored our adaptability and forward-thinking ethos.

Throughout the rest of the 1990s, our business underwent extensive growth, forging partnerships with major players like Texas Homecare, Focus, Payless, Kwiksave, Morrisons Supermarket, Dixons Curries, and Tandy Radio Shack. These alliances propelled us to new heights, although the ever-changing landscape of business, marked by takeovers and closures, continued to present fresh challenges.

In line with these transformative times, Connexion Electrical About Us section reflects on our storied history of adaptability and innovation. It highlights our strategic shifts and expansions that have defined our journey, showcasing our ability to adapt to changing economic climates and our commitment to providing pioneering solutions within the electrical industry. Our story is one of resilience and the constant pursuit of growth, navigating the tides of industry changes while maintaining our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

2000 The company purchased the Colindale property.

The early 2000s ushered in a period of formidable challenges that put our resilience to the test. The influx of competitively priced Chinese goods, supported by subsidies, loomed over our manufacturing efforts. Undeterred, we relied on experience, innovation, and a commitment to quality to navigate these turbulent waters.

Seeking diversification, we embarked on a journey into new product realms, ultimately forging a successful partnership with QVC. This collaboration provided a fresh avenue for growth and innovation, lighting up screens and lives for several years. But like all stories, this chapter eventually reached its natural conclusion.

The latter half of the 2000s brought an even greater challenge - the global financial crash. This widespread economic downturn cast a shadow over industries worldwide, putting the resilience of businesses to the ultimate test. Through these trying times, our journey became a testament to our ability to weather storms and emerge even stronger.

In 2012 Mr Saleem Dadabhoy joined the company

In 2012, a pivotal chapter in our journey unfolded with the arrival of Mr. Saleem Dadabhoy. Initially joining the company as an accountant, it quickly became apparent that his skills extended beyond numbers. With an astute understanding of business dynamics and a visionary mindset, Mr. Dadabhoy seamlessly transitioned into a pivotal role, becoming the driving force behind our operations.

Under his leadership, the company underwent a remarkable evolution. His keen business acumen, innovative thinking, and strategic foresight propelled us to new heights. As he assumed a central role in steering the ship, a period of profound growth, innovation, and transformation unfolded.

The years that followed were a testament to his unwavering commitment to progress. Collaboratively, we embarked on a journey of diversification and expansion. Mr. Dadabhoy's guidance was instrumental in the development and introduction of novel products, each illuminating new avenues of opportunity. Furthermore, in-house manufacturing capabilities received a substantial boost, setting the stage for enhanced efficiency and quality.

Mr. Dadabhoy's leadership, marked by his ability to nurture innovation and foster a culture of excellence, shaped our trajectory in profound ways. His vision breathed fresh life into the company, allowing us to embrace change, welcome challenges, and chart a course toward a brighter future.


The advent of the Covid era draped uncertainty over countless businesses, including ours. Yet, even in adversity, resilience shone through. Though the pace of development briefly waned, the commitment to progress stood unwavering.


In this time, our team displayed remarkable fortitude, and sales, while challenged, held steady. It's a testament to their dedication and adaptability that we navigated the storm on a steady course. However, it was in mid-2022 that a remarkable transformation began to take shape.

A renewed energy surged, ushering in a wave of development and innovation. From the shadows of uncertainty emerged a company more vibrant and dynamic than ever before. This revival saw the introduction of numerous new products—a testament to our dedication to staying ahead of industry trends.

Commitment to progress extended to the revamped online presence. A new interactive website now serves as the gateway to the world of offerings, while a colorful 2023 catalog showcases the diverse range in all its splendor. Engaging directly with valued customers, venturing into the digital realm with email updates on new products and periodic offers, ensures they're always in the loop.


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