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Established in 1975, Connexion Electrical Limited has proudly upheld its position as a leading figure in the electrical industry. With a legacy spanning over four decades, we have evolved into a distinguished entity, excelling as Manufacturers, Importers, and Distributors within the realm of electrical and site lighting equipment.

Our journey began with a commitment to deliver innovation, quality, and reliability to our customers. Over the years, we have refined our expertise and expanded our product range to cater to the dynamic needs of the market. As a result, we have become a trusted name in the UK, renowned for our unwavering dedication to providing top-notch solutions.

As we embrace the future, Connexion Electrical Limited remains dedicated to innovation and progress. We continue to explore new technologies, sustainable practices, and innovative solutions that align with our vision of contributing positively to the industry and the environment.

Operating out of a large warehouse located in London, we have the capacity to stock vast amounts of products. 

Join us on this journey of illumination and empowerment. Together, we illuminate spaces, power possibilities, and connect ambitions.


1975 September A. Leigh Ltd was incorporated.

Leigh Ltd was incorporated in September 1975, originating from what was then a storage facility. Little on resources, high on tenacity, the enterprise helmed by its then founder, Andrew Leigh, focused primarily on crafting superior-quality hand tools. Growing surely but steadily, it was only in 1982 when the company decided to broaden its product offering – Next in line stood cable reels, which it imported and subsequently sold.

A year later, the company moved bases and shifted from Borehamwood to Burnt Oak, Edgware, a transition that set the tone for new partnerships. The company shook hands with global brand Black and Decker, with new markets and geographies on its radar.  New partnerships followed steadily, not least, with a distinguished German brand as their exclusive agency in the UK.

With unwavering commitment and a keen eye for innovation, the store ventured into the world of importing and selling cable reels, a decision that marked a significant evolution for the business. Faced with challenges and uncertainties, they persevered, building relationships with global suppliers and introducing high-quality cable reel products that earned the trust of their customers. The store's dedication and commitment, coupled with their innovative spirit, turned it into a beacon of change, meeting the ever-evolving needs of both their community and the industry. Their story became an inspiration, a testament to the power of vision, dedication, and the remarkable evolution that can arise from the simplest of endeavors.

1983 the company moved from Borehamwood to Burnt Oak

In 1983, our journey took us from Borehamwood to Burnt Oak, Edgware, marking a shift in perspective, strategy, and ambition. Collaborating with Black and Decker as distributors opened new horizons, but industry changes led to recalibration. Focusing on cable reels, exclusive UK agency rights were gained through a partnership with a German company, reinforcing commitment to top-tier solutions. This chapter was defined by resilience, adaptability, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Collaborating with the renowned Black and Decker brand as distributors opened doors to exciting new possibilities. It was a period of dynamic growth, characterized by a harmonious synergy of ideas and shared aspirations. However, as the tides of industry dynamics shifted, so too did marketing strategies. Black and Decker's decision to alter their distribution model necessitated a recalibration of the approach.

In true fashion, adversity became the catalyst for innovation. A fresh course was charted, directing energies toward the cable reel business. The partnership with a distinguished German company granted exclusive agency rights for the UK, reinforcing the unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier solutions. This chapter of the journey was marked by resilience, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.


In the year 1983, a single invitation set in motion a transformation that would shape the next chapter of our journey. Wickes, a trusted partner in the cable reel supply chain, presented us with an intriguing challenge: to design and create a 4-way extension cord. Little did we realize that this moment would become the foundation of our foray into manufacturing.


With unwavering dedication and a relentless commitment to innovation, the opportunity was wholeheartedly embraced. Our deep engineering expertise, finely honed through years of delivering top-quality solutions, seamlessly transitioned into the realm of crafting. What emerged was more than just a mere extension cord; it marked the birth of our manufacturing journey.


This marked a pivotal expansion beyond our origins, as supply and production converged to offer clients a comprehensive solution. The 4-way extension cord was more than a product; it stood as a testament to our adaptability and embodied our core values.


In relentless pursuit of growth and innovation, a significant milestone emerged - the transition from Burnt Oak to the present-day haven in Colindale. This shift to a more expansive, purpose-built space marked a strategic leap that defined identity and bolstered capabilities.

As the new Colindale abode was settled into, a fresh chapter of possibilities unfurled. The spacious surroundings enabled a stretching of horizons, meeting growing demands, and elevating manufacturing prowess. It became a breeding ground for innovation, where ideas ignited, solutions were crafted, and partnerships flourished.

Today, Colindale isn't merely an address; it's a symbol of unwavering commitment to progress. It stands as a place where the essence of the journey is deeply woven into the fabric of its walls, where innovation continues to spark, and where the legacy thrives, from cable reels to extensions and beyond.


In 1992, a seismic shift unfolded as the pound's tumble against the D Mark transformed our operational landscape. The feasibility of importing German goods grew uncertain, pushing us to take a daring leap. Expertise was harnessed, and investments were made in molding tools to craft our cable reels and cassettes, marking the dawn of a new era of self-sufficiency and innovation.

But that wasn't the sole transformation in our arsenal. The siren call of international markets beckoned us to China, where substantial quantities of 4-way blocks were imported, later assembled on British soil. This strategic fusion of global partnerships and local production showcased our adaptability and unwavering commitment to pioneering solutions.

The remainder of the nineties witnessed our business's remarkable expansion. Collaborations with industry giants like Texas Homecare, Focus, Payless, Kwiksave, Morrisons Supermarket, Dixons Curries, and Tandy Radio Shack propelled us to soaring heights. Yet, the business realm is an ever-evolving tapestry, and as takeovers and closures reshaped the industry, new challenges loomed.

2000 The company purchased the Colindale property.

The early 2000s ushered in a period of formidable challenges that put our resilience to the test. The influx of competitively priced Chinese goods, supported by subsidies, loomed over our manufacturing efforts. Undeterred, we relied on experience, innovation, and a commitment to quality to navigate these turbulent waters.

Seeking diversification, we embarked on a journey into new product realms, ultimately forging a successful partnership with QVC. This collaboration provided a fresh avenue for growth and innovation, lighting up screens and lives for several years. But like all stories, this chapter eventually reached its natural conclusion.

The latter half of the 2000s brought an even greater challenge - the global financial crash. This widespread economic downturn cast a shadow over industries worldwide, putting the resilience of businesses to the ultimate test. Through these trying times, our journey became a testament to our ability to weather storms and emerge even stronger.

In 2012 Mr Saleem Dadabhoy joined the company

In 2012, a pivotal chapter in our journey unfolded with the arrival of Mr. Saleem Dadabhoy. Initially joining the company as an accountant, it quickly became apparent that his skills extended beyond numbers. With an astute understanding of business dynamics and a visionary mindset, Mr. Dadabhoy seamlessly transitioned into a pivotal role, becoming the driving force behind our operations.

Under his leadership, the company underwent a remarkable evolution. His keen business acumen, innovative thinking, and strategic foresight propelled us to new heights. As he assumed a central role in steering the ship, a period of profound growth, innovation, and transformation unfolded.

The years that followed were a testament to his unwavering commitment to progress. Collaboratively, we embarked on a journey of diversification and expansion. Mr. Dadabhoy's guidance was instrumental in the development and introduction of novel products, each illuminating new avenues of opportunity. Furthermore, in-house manufacturing capabilities received a substantial boost, setting the stage for enhanced efficiency and quality.

Mr. Dadabhoy's leadership, marked by his ability to nurture innovation and foster a culture of excellence, shaped our trajectory in profound ways. His vision breathed fresh life into the company, allowing us to embrace change, welcome challenges, and chart a course toward a brighter future.


The advent of the Covid era draped uncertainty over countless businesses, including ours. Yet, even in adversity, resilience shone through. Though the pace of development briefly waned, the commitment to progress stood unwavering.


In this time, our team displayed remarkable fortitude, and sales, while challenged, held steady. It's a testament to their dedication and adaptability that we navigated the storm on a steady course. However, it was in mid-2022 that a remarkable transformation began to take shape.

A renewed energy surged, ushering in a wave of development and innovation. From the shadows of uncertainty emerged a company more vibrant and dynamic than ever before. This revival saw the introduction of numerous new products—a testament to our dedication to staying ahead of industry trends.

Commitment to progress extended to the revamped online presence. A new interactive website now serves as the gateway to the world of offerings, while a colorful 2023 catalog showcases the diverse range in all its splendor. Engaging directly with valued customers, venturing into the digital realm with email updates on new products and periodic offers, ensures they're always in the loop.


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Managing Director

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Finance Director

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Production Manager

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