Connexion Electrical range of Site Equipment – your dependable partners for providing and distributing electricity across various job sites. Our collection includes essential tools like transformers, hand-held transformers, splitters, and distribution boxes. These tools designed to offer effective and safe electrical solutions in demanding work environments.

Transformers lie at the core of any job site, converting power from one voltage to another for efficient usage. Our transformers built to endure challenging conditions, ensuring a steady and dependable power supply for your equipment and tools. Whether you’re handling heavy machinery or delicate devices, our transformers provide stable power you can rely on.

For localized power distribution, our Hand Held Transformers offer convenience and flexibility. These portable devices grant you access to power precisely where it’s needed. Engineered with safety as a top priority, they come with protective features for secure and trustworthy operation.

When it’s about extending your power capabilities, our Splitters come into play. These devices let you connect multiple tools or devices to a single power source, streamlining your tasks and minimizing the need for numerous outlets. This efficient distribution optimizes your workspace while ensuring each device receives the required power.

Elevating power distribution further, our Distribution Boxes act as central hubs, allowing you to link various devices to a single source. Equipped with robust construction and multiple outlets, distribution boxes offer a comprehensive solution for managing and distributing power across your work area.

Safety is of utmost importance, and our Site Equipment meticulously designed to uphold it. Each piece of equipment undergoes thorough testing to ensure its reliability and adherence to safety standards. This instills confidence in powering your tools and devices without compromising on safety.

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