110V 16A Plug

Products Features:

  • Current Rating: 16amp
  • Voltage: 110v
  • Rating: IP44 (splash-proof)
Part Number: 10603



110V 16A Plug:

Our 110V 16A Plug, a dependable solution for all your 110v strength wishes. Designed with sturdiness and functionality, this Plug is built to resist even the hardest situations, making it the best for the site work.

With its IP44 score, this 110V 16A Plug is weatherproof and might face up to water splashes from any route. Whether operating outside or in a hard environment, you may consider this Plug to offer a safe and dependable energy connection. The 16Amp modern-day score guarantees that this Plug can manage the power needs of your 110v tools and equipment. It gives a secure and reliable connection, permitting you to paint confidently and properly. Say goodbye to unreliable connections and howdy to a plug that gives you constant power on your annoying obligations.

Installation is short and easy with this Plug. Simply connect the wires to the correct terminals, ensuring a steady and tight fit. The robust production of this Plug ensures durability so that you can rely on it for future years. Versatility is another key feature of this 110v 16amp Plug. It is well suited to an extensive variety of 110v devices. From production sites to construction work, this Plug is a dependable preference that adapts to your electricity wishes.

Safety is constantly a pinnacle of precedence, and this Plug grants peace of thoughts. Its strong production and IP44 rating present safety against dirt and water ingress, decreasing the chance of electrical dangers. You can work expectantly, understanding your strong connection is secure and stable.

Invest in a plug built to close, withstand difficult conditions, and offer a stable and reliable strength connection. Trust our 110v 16amp Plug for all your 110v strength requirements, and revel in the distinction it makes for your work efficiency and peace of mind.


1. What is the current rating of this plug?

This plug has a current rating of 16amp, which means it can handle up to 16amps of electrical current.

2. Is the 110v 16amp Plug weatherproof?

Yes, this plug has an IP44 rating, making it weatherproof and resistant to water splashes from any direction.

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