110V 32A Coupler

Product Features:

  • Current Rating: 32A
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Rating: IP44 (splash-proof)
Part Number: 10833



110V 32A Coupler:

This 110V 32A Coupler IP44, the best solution to your needs. This long-lasting and dependable socket connector is design to provide high-quality safety in opposition to dust and water, ensuring reliable and secure electric connections in various environments. With its IP44 score, this socket can face up to splashing water from any route and gives resistance in opposition to solid items as much as 1mm in length.

Engineered for Harsh Environments:

The 110V 32A Coupler is specially engineered to resist the challenges of harsh environments, making it an excellent desire for production sites, railways, and construction work. Its robust creation guarantees lengthy-lasting durability, allowing it to endure the rigors of day-by-day use and perform consistently in traumatic conditions.

Secure and Easy-to-Use Design:

Its secure and easy-to-use layout makes connecting energy cords a breeze. Simply plug in your cords and experience confidence inside the stable and dependable connection supplied through this coupler socket.

High Current Capacity for Demanding Tasks:

This coupler socket is appropriate for use with 32amp 110v strength structures, providing a high cutting-edge ability to satisfy the demands. Whether you need to power heavy-responsibility machinery or a couple of devices concurrently. This socket can cope with the venture without problems.

Upgrade Your Power Connections:

Upgrade your power connections with the Coupler Socket 32amp 110v IP44. And remember that your electrical connections are protected and dependable. This coupler socket is an essential tool for anyone who needs reliable power connectivity in demanding working conditions.



1. What is the maximum current capacity of this socket?

This socket has a maximum current capacity of 32amp. Which makes it suitable for powering equipment and tools that require higher current levels.

2. Can I use this socket outdoors?

Yes, it is design to withstand harsh environments, including outdoor use. Its IP44 rating ensures protection against water splashes, making it suitable for various outdoor applications.

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