110V Cable Reel 20m 4mm with 32A Plug and 32A Socket

Product Features:

  • Cable Length: 20m
  • Cable Thickness: 4.00mm
  • Socket: 1 x 32A
  • Drum/Stand: PVC drum with metal stand
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Plug: 32A
Part Number: 8038

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110V Cable Reel 20m 4mm:

Our 110V Cable Reel 20m 4mm 32amps Socket by Connexion Electricals is the ultimate solution for all your power supply needs. This premium cable reel offers a practical length of 20 meters, mounted on a PVC drum with a metal stand for stability. It’s designed to cater to 110v power supply systems with a 32amp plug, ensuring efficient power delivery in various settings.

Robust Construction for Diverse Environments

The 110v Cable Reel features a sturdy PVC drum and a steel stand, providing stability and durability even in rugged environments. The drum houses a 20-meter-long cable made from 4.00mm thick material, suitable for handling high electrical loads and specifically designed for 110v power systems.

High-Capacity and Efficient Power Delivery

Equipped with a 32amp plug, this cable reel ensures a stable and efficient connection for powering heavy machinery, tools, and other electrical devices with high demands. It offers a safe and secure power supply, letting you focus on your work without concerns about power interruptions or unreliable connections.

Portable Design for Easy Use and Transportation

The 110v Cable Reel 20m 4.00mm 32amps is designed for both performance and convenience. Its portable design allows for effortless transportation and quick setup wherever needed. The compact size and lightweight build make it an ideal choice for a variety of applications, from construction sites to railway work.

Trust Connexion Electricals for a high-quality product that meets the highest standards of performance and safety. The 110v Cable Reel 20m 4.00mm 32amps is meticulously crafted for long-lasting performance in demanding work environments.


1. What is the cable length?

The cable on this reel is 20 meters long, providing ample length for various power supply applications.

2. What is the amperage rating of the plug?

The plug has a 32amp amperage rating, making it suitable for devices with high electrical demands.

Technical Specification
General Description 110V Cable Reel 20m 4mm with 32A Plug and 32A Socket
Part No 8038
Input 110v
Output 110v
Cable Diameter 4.0mm Cable
Cable Length 20m
Sockets 1 x 32amp
Plug 32A 110v Plug
Material PVC Drum/Metal Stand
IP Rating IP44
Certifications CE, ROHS, UKCA
EAN 5023003000292
GTIN 5023003000292
SKU 8038

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