110V Extension Lead 14m 2.5mm with 16A Plug and 16A Coupler

Product Features:

  • Cable Length: 14m
  • Cable Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Connections: IP67 screw lock fittings
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Plug and Socket: 16A
Part Number: 10851

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110V Extension Lead 14m 2.5mm:

Our high-performance 110V Extension Lead 14m 2.5mm cable, crafted by Connexion Electricals. This extension lead is specifically engineered for demanding environments such as site work, construction, and railway distribution. Its exceptional features and robust build make it the go-to choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Optimal Length and Durability:

The 110V Extension Lead 14m 2.5mm with a cable, providing ample reach and flexibility for connecting devices to a power supply. The thick cable ensures efficient power transmission with minimal voltage drop, allowing your equipment to function optimally.

High Amperage for Powerful Tools:

A key highlight of this 110v Extension Lead 14m is its 16 amp capacity, enabling it to handle high-powered tools like compressors, saws, and drills safely and efficiently. It’s ideal for use in various demanding settings, from construction sites to workshops.

Sturdy Construction and IP67 Rating:

The 110v Extension Lead 14m is not only durable but also boasts superior safety features. With an IP67 rating, it’s fully dust-tight and capable of withstanding water immersion up to 1 meter for 30 minutes, ensuring reliability even in challenging environments.

Versatile and Safe for Various Applications:

This extension lead is versatile and compatible with a range of 110v equipment typically used in construction, site work, and railway applications. Connexion Electricals prioritizes safety, ensuring that this product meets stringent quality standards for your peace of mind.


1. What is the length of the extension lead?

The extension lead has a generous length of 14 meters, providing ample reach for your power needs.

2. What is the maximum amperage rating of the extension lead?

The extension lead has a maximum amperage rating of 16 amps, making it suitable for heavy-duty power requirements.

Technical Specification
Product 110V Extension Lead 14m 2.5mm with 16A Plug and 16A Coupler
Part No 10851
Input 110V
Output 110V
Cable Diameter 2.50mm Cable
Cable Length 14m
Coupler 16A 110V Coupler
Plug 16A 110V Plug
IP Rating IP67 Screw lock Fittings
Certifications CE, ROHS, UKCA
GTIN 5023003000070
SKU 10851

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