110v Festoon Lighting Kit 22m

Product Features:

  • Cable Length: 22m, 1.00mm
  • Fittings: 10 x BC
  • Guards: 10 x Polycarbonate
  • Bulbs: 10 x BC GLS 60W
  • Plug: 110v, 16amp
Part Number: 10930B-BC



110v Festoon Lighting Kit 22m

Introducing the 110v Festoon Lighting Kit 22m by Connexion Electricals, an exceptional outdoor light solution. This kit, featuring 110 Volts, offers convenience for your lighting needs. With ten polycarbonate guards, this kit ensures safety.

Effortless Installation for Versatile Use:

Designed for 110v AC Voltage:

The Fittings are designed to operate effectively with a 110v AC voltage. The straightforward installation process makes it compatible with various light fixtures, providing you ease of use.

Ample Coverage for Large Areas:

With a cable length of 22 meters and a thickness of 1.00mm, the Lighting Kit covers large areas such as building facades. Illuminate your outdoor spaces with confidence, knowing that this kit offers ample coverage for your lighting requirements.

Longevity and Protection with Polycarbonate Guards:

One of the standout features of this kit is the inclusion of ten polycarbonate guards. These guards provide an extra layer of protection to the bulbs, ensuring they remain intact and functional for years to come. With the guards in place, enjoy worry-free light, even in demanding outdoor conditions.

Secure and Versatile Lighting Solution:

Create a secure environment with the 110v Festoon Lighting Kit 22m. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor event, enhancing your landscaping, or illuminating architectural features, this kit is your easy light solution.


1. How do poly carbonate guards protect the bulbs?

The ten guards offer added protection to the bulbs. They act as a shield, helping to prevent damage.

2. Is the installation process of the 110v Festoon Lighting Kit 22m easy?

Yes, it offers an easy process. With the BC Fittings and clear instructions, setting up the light kit is hassle free.

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