110v Gripper Inspection Lamp LED

Product Features:

  • Power: 15W
  • Light Type: 360° LED
  • LED Type: SMD
  • Voltage: 110v
  • Lumen Output: 1500 Lumens
Part Number: 88882




The 110v Gripper Inspection Lamp by Connexion Electricals is an extremely better option when it comes to lightning. Designed to provide ultimate illumination for several inspection and maintenance duties. The lamp is prepared with SMD LED generation and the capabilities of a 15-watt LED. That produces a luminous flux output of 1500 lumens. Ensuring that it can offer regular and vibrant lightening in all conditions.

One of the most highlighted talents of this 110v Gripper Inspection Lamp is its 360-degree illumination capability, which allows it to forge. It makes it less difficult for technicians to become aware of potential troubles.

The Connexion Electricals 110v Gripper Inspection Lamp LED is flexible and smooth. Making it appropriate for extensive site work, construction and railway work. The lamp additionally features a long-lasting grip, making it clear to hold.

With its superior LED era, 360-degree illumination, and easy-to-use design, this lamp offers the lighting you want to carry out the machine efficiently. Don’t wait and Get yours and enjoy this terrific lighting solution for yourself!


1. Is it smooth to apply?

Yes, the lamp functions with an ergonomic and durable grip, which makes it clean to keep.

2. Who can use this?

The lamp is suitable for work sites and construction sites.

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IP Level IP54
Part No 88882
Input Voltage AC Ilov
Output Voltage ACIIOV
Frequency 50/60Hz
Lumen 4801m 1 Bulb
Total Lumen 10pcs X480LM
Color temperature 6400K
Working Temperature -20℃~55℃
Ra ≥70-85
Degree angle 120°
Protection Class Class II
LED Lift time 30000hrs
Cable 0.75 mm² 2 core Rubber Cable
Length 22mtr
Color Black
Connect wire Brown Blue
Type 1X 110v 16A Yellow plug
Type 5watt LEDX 10PCS
Quantity Of each Carton 6Pcs
Net Weight 12.3kgs
Gross Weight 14 kgs
Outer Box Dimension 65x44x25.5CM
SKU 88882
MPN 88882
GTIN 5023003000933

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