110V Transformer 5KVA Continuous with 2x16A and 1x32A Output

Product Features:

  • Safety Level: Class1
  • Output Voltage: AC 110V
  • Input Voltage: AC 230V
  • Power: 5kVA
  • Case: Metal
  • Color: Yellow
  • Frequency:50/60Hz
  • Output Sockets: 1x32A, 2x16A (110v)

Part No: 10966

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110V Transformer 5KVA Continuous:

This 110V Transformer 5KVA Continuous, particularly the model offered by Connexion Electrical Ltd, represents a pivotal component in modern electrical engineering, designed to efficiently manage power distribution for a wide array of applications. This transformer boasts a single-phase design, ensuring it aligns perfectly with the needs of residential and light commercial settings where a 1 Phase Transformer is necessary for converting voltages to appropriate levels. The compact and robust nature of the 5kVA transformer by Connexion Electrical Ltd facilitates an easy integration into various electrical setups, promoting a seamless and reliable power supply to the end devices.

The 110v Transformer 5KVA Continuous, crafted with precision by Connexion Electrical Ltd, excels in delivering outstanding performance and durability. The company employs advanced technologies and high-quality materials to manufacture this 1 Phase Transformer 5 kVA, ensuring it withstands rigorous operational demands. This transformer is tailored to optimize electrical efficiency and reduce losses, making it an economical choice for users needing a reliable power conversion solution. The design prioritizes user safety and operational reliability, making it a go-to choice for those prioritizing both performance and security.

Connexion Electrical Ltd’s 5Kva transformer 1 phase stands out for its ease of installation and maintenance. Engineers and technicians find the setup process straightforward, thanks to its user-friendly design and clear instruction manual. This ease of use, combined with the transformer’s high efficiency, positions it as a preferred option for a broad spectrum of electrical tasks. Whether it’s for home renovations, office buildings, or small-scale industrial operations, this transformer delivers a consistent and stable voltage output, crucial for protecting sensitive electronic equipment.

Furthermore, the 5 kVA transformer from Connexion Electrical Ltd is renowned for its adaptability across various power requirements. Its design caters to a multitude of applications, ranging from lighting to the operation of machinery that requires a single-phase power source. This versatility, coupled with the transformer’s robustness and high efficiency, underscores Connexion Electrical Ltd’s commitment to providing superior electrical solutions. Customers investing in this 1 Phase Transformer can expect a significant enhancement in their electrical system’s overall performance and reliability, making it a wise choice for those looking to upgrade their power distribution infrastructure.

Product 110V Transformer 5KVA Continuous with 2x16A and 1x32A Output
Input Voltage 230V AC 1 PHASE
Frequency 50/60Hz
Cont. Rating 5000VA
Output socket 2x16A, 1x32A (110v)
Tool Rating 5000VA
Output Volt 110v AC
Input 1x32A 2 pole type D MCB
Output 2x16A 2 pole type D MCBs + 1x 32A 2 pole type D MCB
Net Weight 41kgs
Gross Weight 43 kg
IP rate 22
Product Dimension 34 X 35 X 41 cm
Case Metal
Color Yellow

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