18 inch High Velocity Floor Fan 240v

Product Features:

  • Airflow: 3 Speed Adjustable Settings.
  • Size: 18 inches.
  • Powerful Motor: 120W.
  • Voltage: 240v.
  • Finish: Chrome.
  • Safety Marked: 13A BS and CE certified.

Part Number: 10948




18 inch High Velocity Floor Fan 240v:

The 18 inch High Velocity Floor Fan 240v is a robust and efficient cooling solution designed for both residential and commercial environments in the United Kingdom. This fan features a sturdy construction with a sleek, metallic finish, making it both durable and aesthetically appealing. The 18-inch blade diameter provides ample air circulation, ensuring effective cooling in larger rooms or workspaces.

Technical Specifications:

This 18 inch High Velocity Floor Fan 240v is perfectly suited to the UK’s electrical standards. It boasts a high-velocity motor that delivers powerful airflow, capable of rapidly reducing the temperature in any setting. The fan offers multiple speed settings, allowing users to adjust the airflow according to their specific needs. Additionally, the fan is equipped with a tilt-adjustable head, offering flexibility in directing the airflow precisely where it’s needed.

Design and Usability:

The design of the 18 inch High Velocity Floor Fan emphasizes both functionality and ease of use. It features a portable and compact design, making it easy to move and position in various locations. The fan’s metal cage ensures safety by preventing direct contact with the blades, while also contributing to the fan’s overall durability. The simplicity of the control mechanism ensures that it can be operated effortlessly by users of all ages.

Ideal Use Cases:

This 18 inch High Velocity Floor Fan 240v is ideal for a wide range of settings, including but not limited to, homes, offices, workshops, and gyms. Its powerful airflow makes it particularly effective in areas that require rapid air circulation, such as during heatwaves or in spaces with limited ventilation. Additionally, its robust construction makes it suitable for industrial environments where durability is a key requirement.


1. What is the wattage of the Industrial Floor Fan 240v?

The fan has a powerful 100w motor.

2. How many velocity settings does the fan have?

It has three speed settings that may be adjusted for your favored cooling degree.

3. Is the Industrial Floor Fan 240v suitable for business settings?

The fan is designed to satisfy the very best excellent and safety standards. It is right for use in workshops, factories, garages, or every other industrial setting where safety is the pinnacle.

4. Is the fan easy to move around?

Despite its sturdy production, the fan is lightweight and has an incorporated deal, making it easy to transport.

Product 18" 100W Floor Fan
Part No. 10948
Product Type Indoor
Safety Certificates Compliant
ROHS Directive Compliant
Input Voltage AC 240v
Frequency 60Hz
Power 100Watt
Speeding Setting 3 Speeds
Switch 3 Push Botton Switch
Blades 3Pcs Metal blades
Base Metal U Shape base
Material Aluminum
Color Chrome finish
Cable 1.0 mm2 3 core PVC Cable
Dimensions 3000 mm in length
Colour Black
Connect wire Brown, Blue, Yellow/Green
Type 240v 13amp Plug
Quantity of each Carton 1PC
Net Weight 6.2kg
Gross Weight 7.2kg
Outer Box Dimension 57x20x57CM
SKU 10948
EAN 5023003001084
GTIN 5023003001084
Certifications CE, ROHS, UKCA


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