240V 16A Coupler

PRoduct Features:

  • Current Rating: 16A
  • Voltage: 240V
  • Rating: IP44 (splash-proof)
Part Number: 10609



240V 16A Coupler:

Our 240V 16A Coupler the appropriate solution for all your 16amp 240v cable connection wishes. With great safety functions and dependable connections, this coupler is a have-to-have for any electric equipment.

Built for Tough Environments:

IP44 Rating for Safety:

Its IP44 rating guarantees protection against water splashes from any path and stable objects larger than 1mm in diameter, making it ideal for outdoor use and vicious environments.

Durable and Professional:

Made from excellent materials, this coupler is built to remain. Its strong design ensures stable and expert connections on every occasion. Whether running on a production website online, in a workshop, or at home, it will offer you the protection and reliability you need to finish the task.

Versatile and Easy-to-Use:

Its clean-to-use design makes this coupler perfect for individuals who want an easy and powerful answer for their electric connections. The 16amp ability guarantees that it is appropriate for an extensive range of energy programs, making it a versatile and critical device for any electrician or DIY enthusiast.

Safety, Reliability, and Performance:

So, accept it as true whether you connect power equipment, extension leads, or another electrical device. With our 240v 16amp Coupler to supply the exceptional consequences feasible. With its advanced protection features, reliable connections, and sturdy design. You can relax and be assured that your electrical equipment is properly positioned. Order yours nowadays and experience safety, reliability, and performance.


1. Is the 240v 16amp coupler waterproof?

Yes, the 240V 16A Coupler has an IP44 rating, protecting it against water splashes from any direction and solid objects greater than 1mm in diameter. This rating makes it suitable for outdoor use and harsh environments.

2. How do I connect my cables to the coupler?

The 240v 16amp coupler has two female sockets to plug in your male-ended cables. Simply align the pins on your cables with the corresponding holes on the coupler’s sockets, then push them in until they click into place.

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