240V 3Way Splitter with 16A Plug and 3x16A Coupler

Product Features:

  • Current Rating: 16A
  • Voltage: 240V
  • Connections: 3-way splitter
  • Rating: IP44 (splash-proof)
Part Number: 10615



240V 3Way Splitter:

Looking for a long-lasting and reliable outside splitter to handle your strength needs? Look no similar to our 240V 3Way Splitter! Designed with an IP44 rating, this splitter is built to withstand tough outdoor environments and weather conditions while simultaneously providing power to all connected gadgets.

Versatile Power Solution for Various Outdoor Applications:

With a 16amp ability, this 240V 3Way Splitter is appropriate for various outside power programs. Whether you want energy tools for production or landscaping tasks, outdoor lighting fixtures for events or events, or whatever in between, this blanketed splitter has been given to you.

Efficient Multi-Device Connection:

And with its 3-way design, you may connect more than one gadget to the splitter straight away, without annoying approximately overloading the circuit. Plus, the splitter’s compact and lightweight layout makes it clean to move and set up anywhere you need.

Choose Durability and Reliability:

So why accept a flimsy and unreliable outside splitter while you may have the sturdiness and reliability of our 16amp 3 way 240v splitter? Whether you’re a property owner or an expert contractor, this splitter is the correct choice for all your outdoor energy desires.

Power Your Outdoor Devices Hassle-Free:

Don’t permit harsh climates and tough outside environments to get in the manner of your energy desires. Choose our 16amp 240v three-way splitter today and enjoy dependable, trouble-loose energy for all your out of doors gadgets and programs.


1. What is the maximum voltage and amperage that this splitter can handle?

This splitter is design to handle a maximum voltage of 240v and a maximum amperage of 16 amps.

2. Can this splitter be use indoors as well as outdoors?

While this splitter is specifically design for outdoor use. It can also be use indoors as long as it is not expose to excessive moisture.

3. Is this splitter compatible with all types of plugs?

This splitter is design to be compatible with most standard 240v plugs. But it is always important to double-check the compatibility of your specific plug before use.

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