240V Cable Reel 10m 1.25mm with 16A Plug and 4x13A Sockets

Product Features

  • Cable Length: 10m
  • Diameter: 1.25mm Cable
  • Outlets: 4 x 13A Socket
  • Input Voltage: 240V
  • Plug Ampere: 16A Plug
  • Indicator: Neon light for Power Indication
  • Protection: Thermal Cutout for Overload Protection
Part Number: 5074-16amp

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240V Cable Reel 10m 1.25mm:

The innovative 240V Cable Reel 10m 1.25mm, a versatile and efficient solution for your power distribution needs. This product is expertly designed to blend the convenience of a 10m Hose Reel with the practicality of multiple power outlets. Ideal for both professional and personal use, this hose reel ensures that your power source is always within reach, whether you’re working in a workshop, garage, or managing outdoor events.

Robust Design for Lasting Use:

The 240V Cable Reel 10m 1.25mm is not just about reach; it’s also about endurance. Built with high-quality materials, it stands up to the demands of both indoor and outdoor environments. The 10-meter length of the hose provides ample reach, allowing you to extend power to various locations without the hassle of multiple extension leads. This blend of durability and length makes it an essential tool for any setting requiring flexible power solutions.

High-Capacity Power Distribution:

Equipped with four 13amp Sockets, this hose reel is designed for high-capacity power distribution. It can simultaneously power multiple devices, making it a perfect match for environments where various tools and appliances need electrical support. The inclusion of a 16aamp Plug further enhances its versatility, allowing it to cater to a wide range of electrical requirements and ensuring compatibility with different power sources.

Uncompromising Safety Standards:

Safety is a key consideration in the design of this hose reel. The combination of 13amp Sockets and a robust 16amp Plug provides not only efficient power distribution but also ensures safety in every use. The construction adheres to strict safety standards, offering peace of mind when powering multiple devices. Whether for professional tasks or personal projects, the 240V Cable Reel 10m 1.25mm is an ideal choice for those who need a reliable, safe, and flexible power distribution solution.

Technical Specifications
Product 240V Cable Reel 10m 1.25mm with 16A Plug and 4x13A Sockets
Part No 5074-16amp
Safety Level Class I
Safety Cetificates Compliant(CE)
RoHS Directive Compliant
Input Voltage AC240V
Output Voltage AC240V
Cable 1.25mm
Dimensions 10m in Length
Color Blue
Sockets 4 x 13A Socket
Plug 16A Plug
SKU 5074-16amp
MPN 5074-16amp
GTIN 5023003001558

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