240V Cable Reel Empty Drum with 2x16A Sockets

Product Features:

  • Drum/Stand: PVC drum with metal stand
  • Sockets: 2 x 16A
Part Number: 8063

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240V Cable Reel Empty Drum:

This 240V Cable Reel Empty Drum, your solution for efficient cable organization. This empty drum allows you to customize the cable length according to your needs, eliminating clutter and tangles.

Durable and Dependable

Crafted with a sturdy PVC drum and steel stand, this cable reel is built to withstand tough work environments, making it a reliable choice for professionals.

Secure Power Connection

Equipped with 2 x 16amp sockets, this 240V Cable Reel Empty Drum can handle modern power ratings, ensuring a secure and reliable power connection for your devices.

Time-Saving Convenience

Save time and effort by keeping your cables organized on the reel. Say goodbye to untangling knots and searching for loose wires. Simply add the desired cable length, and you’re ready to go!


1. What is the purpose of the Cable Reel?

The 240V Cable Reel Empty Drum is design to provide a convenient and organized solution for storing and dispensing cables.

2. What is the maximum voltage rating of this cable reel?

This cable reel is designed to handle a 240v power supply, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of electrical equipment and tools.

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