240V Cassette Reel 10m 1.25mm with 13A Plug and 2x13A Sockets

Product Features:

  • Cable Length: 10m
  • Cable Thickness: 1.50mm
  • Sockets: 2 x 13A
  • Voltage: 240V
  • Plug: 13A
  • Safety Feature: Thermal cut-out


Part Number: 5073

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240V Cassette Reel 10m 1.25mm:

This 240V Cassette Reel 10m 1.25mm from Connexion Electricals is here to meet your electrical needs with reliability and convenience. This top-notch cable reel is designed to provide a reliable and handy strength supply solution for your electric needs. Its 10-meter period and 1.50mm thickness offer stability, flexibility, and durability.

Double the Power:

Featuring two 13amp sockets, this 240v Cable Reel 10mtr permits you to attach two devices that require a most present-day 13amp every. It provides a secure and efficient electricity connection to your appliances, tools, and device. Whether you’re working on site work or construction work, this cable reel is design to meet your energy demands.

Safety First:

Safety is a top priority, and we suggest ensuring that the overall modern drawn with the aid of the linked devices no longer exceeds the 240v Cable Reel 10mtr maximum ability of 13amp. This will assist in preventing overloading and ensure the most advantageous performance. To enhance safety, we propose unwinding the cable earlier than use and using a Residual Current Device (RCD) for brought protection, specifically while using electrical appliances exterior.

Built to Last:

This 240V Cassette Reel 10m 1.25mm is construct to face the rigors of everyday use. It is build with high-quality substances to offer durability and sturdiness. The cable reel is design for clean management and transportation, making it ideal for site and construction work.

Trust in Connexion Electricals:

With Connexion Electricals, you could accept as accurate inside the great and reliability of our products. We are devote to handing over electricity answers that meet the best overall performance and protection standards. Our 240V Cassette Reel 10m 1.25mm isn’t any exception, imparting a handy and efficient power supply answer to your diverse electrical desires.


1. What is the maximum current rating of the cable reel?

The maximum current rating of our cable reel is 13amp.

2. Can I connect multiple devices to the cable reel?

Yes, our cable reel features two 13amp sockets, allowing you to connect two devices simultaneously.

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