240V Extension Lead 14m 2.5mm with 16A Plug and 1x16A Sockets

Product Features:

  • Cable Length: 14m
  • Cable Thickness: 2.50mm
  • Voltage: 240V
  • Plug and Socket: 16A
Part Number: 10809

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240V Extension Lead 14m:

This 240V Extension Lead 14m using Connexion Electricals, the proper answer for all your electric device needs. This terrific plug and socket set is design to offer reliable power in a wide range of packages. With its long-lasting production and remarkable performance, it’s a must-have for specialists and workspace.

Featuring a 240V Extension Lead 14m, this plug and socket set gives extended period to reach your preferred energy supply. Whether you are running in a site work, construction site, or any other traumatic surroundings, this product is built to resist the trials of normal use.

The socket ensure a secure and efficient connection, permitting you to use various gear, lighting fixtures, systems, and electronics. From energy tools to commercial equipment, this plug and socket set can cope with it all.

At Connexion Electricals, we prioritize satisfaction and reliability. Our products are construct to meet the very best standards, ensuring lengthy-lasting performance and peace of mind. It’s designed to deliver steady power output, minimizing the chance of electrical troubles that could, in any other case, slow you down.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the 240v 16amp Plug and Socket using Connexion Electricals. Don’t let electrical troubles avert your development. Manage your energy delivery and experience reliable performance with the 240v 16amp Plug and Socket. Order yours nowadays and unencumber the whole ability of your electric device. Trust Connexion Electricals for all your energy answer wishes


1. What is the voltage and amperage rating of the plug and socket?

The plug and socket are design to handle a voltage of 240v and an amperage of 16amp, making it suitable for various electrical applications.

2. What is the cable length of the plug and socket set?

The plug and socket set comes with a generous 14-meter cable, providing ample length to reach your desired power source.

Technical Specification
Product 240V Extension Lead 14m 2.5mm with 16A Plug and 1x16A Sockets
Part No 10809
Input 240V
Output 240V
Cable Diameter 2.50mm Cable
Cable Length 14m
Socket 16A 240V Socket
Plug 16A 240V Plug
IP Rating IP44
Certifications CE, ROHS, UKCA
GTIN 5023003000148
SKU 10809

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