240V Extension Lead 15m 1.25mm with 13A Plug and 1x13A Socket

Product Features:

  • Cable Length: 15m
  • Cable Thickness: 1.25mm
  • Socket: 1 x 13A
  • Voltage: 240V
  • Plug: 13A
Part Number: 10732

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240V Extension Lead 15m 1.25mm:

This 240V Extension Lead 15m 1.25mm cable by Connexion Electricals, a versatile and practical solution for all your power needs.

Ample Cable Length:

With a generous 15-meter 1.25mm cable, connect your devices conveniently, even when they’re far from the power source.

Single Device Power:

Featuring 1 x 13amp socket, easily power a single device. The 240v 13amp plug ensures a secure connection to standard UK sockets.

Built to Last:

Discover the durability and performance of this extension lead, designed with robust construction and high-quality materials.

Daily Use and Heavy Duty:

This 240V Extension Lead 15m 1.25mm can withstand daily use and heavy-duty applications, making it perfect for home or office power supply extensions.

Compact and Sleek:

Its sleek design and compact size make it easy to handle and store when not in use, ensuring convenience in any space.

Connexion Electricals Quality:

Trust in Connexion Electricals’ commitment to delivering top-notch electrical products.

Reliability Assurance:

Experience convenience, reliability, and durability with this extension lead, knowing it meets the brand’s high standards.

Upgrade your power supply setup with the Extension Lead 15m 1.25mm Cable from Connexion Electricals. Enjoy hassle-free power distribution with peace of mind, whether in your home or office.


1. How long is the cable of the extension lead?

The cable is 15 meters long. Providing ample length to extend your power supply.

2. How many sockets does the extension lead have?

The extension lead features a 1 x 13amp socket, allowing you to power a single device conveniently.

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