240V Extension Lead 5m 1.25mm with 13A Plug and 4x13A Sockets

Product Features:

  • Cable Length: 5m
  • Cable Thickness: 1.25mm
  • Sockets: 4 x 13A with neon indicators
  • Voltage: 240V
  • Plug: 13A
Part Number: 30503

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240V Extension Lead 5m 1.25mm:

Connexion Electrical 240V Extension Lead 5m 1.25mm, a versatile solution designed to power multiple devices simultaneously.

Ample Cable Length:

With its 5m cable and 1.25mm thickness, this extension lead offers both convenience and reliability.

Efficient Multi-Device Connectivity:

Featuring four x 13amp sockets, this extension lead lets you attach as many as 4 gadgets without delay, saving you the hassle of constantly swapping plugs.

Visual Safety Feedback:

The sockets are ready with neon lighting that serve as signs, imparting visible remarks when the sockets are in use. This characteristic enhances protection and permits you to effortlessly perceive which gadgets are powered on.

Seamless Integration:

The 13amp plug is compatible with standard UK sockets, ensuring seamless integration with your existing electrical setup.

Wide Voltage Compatibility:

With a voltage rating of 240v, this 240V Extension Lead 5m 1.25mm is suitable for a wide range of devices and appliances for site and construction work.

Flexible Power Distribution:

Whether you need to power multiple devices in your site work, this extension lead offers the flexibility and convenience you require.

Ample Reach:

Its generous 5m cable length provides ample reach, allowing you to position your devices exactly where you need them.

Quality and Durability:

Crafted with quality and durability in mind, the Connexion Electricals’ 13amp 4Way Socket Extension-Lead is built to withstand everyday use. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it a reliable solution for your power distribution needs.

In summary, the Connexion Electricals’ 13amp 4Way Socket Extension-Lead with 240v 5m cable and 1.25mm thickness is the perfect companion for powering multiple devices. With its four sockets, neon light indicators, and compatibility with standard UK sockets, it offers convenience, safety, and versatility. Trust in the quality and reliability of Connexion Electricals’ products to meet your power distribution requirements.


1. How many sockets does the extension lead have?

The extension lead features 4 x 13amp sockets, allowing you to connect up to four devices simultaneously.

2. What is the length of the cable?

The cable length is 5 meters, providing ample reach to position your devices conveniently.

Technical Specification
Product 240V Extension Lead 5m 1.25mm with 13A Plug and 4x13A Sockets
Part No 30503
Input 240V
Output 240V
Cable Diameter 1.25mm
Cable Length 5m
Socket 4 x 13A Sockets with Neon
Plug 13A Plug
IP Rating IP44
Certifications CE, ROHS, UKCA
GTIN 5023003000216
SKU 30503

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