3.3kva Transformer 110V Portable 2x16A


  1. 3.3 kva
  2. 1.5m Cable
  3. 2 x 16A Sockets
  4. 110v
  5. 13A Plug
Part Number: 10961

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Reliable Power for Construction Sites: 3.3kva Transformer 110V Portable 2x16A

The 3.3kva Transformer 110V Portable 2x16A is a reliable and durable option for providing power to multiple devices and equipment at construction sites or other work locations. With its high capacity of 3.3kva, this transformer is designed to handle heavy loads effectively.

Built for Demanding Environments:

3.3kva Transformer 110V Portable 2x16A is specifically designed to offer a reliable power supply for construction sites, industrial settings, and other similar environments. Its compact size and sturdy build make it highly portable, allowing for easy transportation and use wherever it is needed.

Convenient and Versatile Power Distribution:

Transformer 110V Portable 2x16A is designed for convenience and versatility. It comes with a 1.5m cable, allowing you to easily position it wherever you need power. With two 16A sockets, you have plenty of options for connecting multiple tools and devices at the same time. Say goodbye to waiting or dealing with tangled cords – this transformer enhances productivity by enabling efficient power distribution.

Secure and Reliable Connection:

The Transformer 110V is a versatile device that includes a 13A plug, allowing you to easily connect it to various power sources. Whether you’re using a standard wall outlet or another compatible power supply, the 13A plug ensures a stable and reliable connection. This feature provides peace of mind during operation, knowing that your power source is securely connected to the transformer.

Steady and Efficient Power Supply:

The impressive capacity of this 110V transformer is 3.3kva. Whether you are using energy gear, equipment, or other electric devices that require a reliable and sturdy energy supply, this transformer will provide steady performance to meet your needs.

Reliable and Durable Construction:

3.3kva Transformer 110V Portable 2x16A is designed and constructed with reliability in mind. It meets strict standards to ensure dependable performance and long-lasting durability. This transformer is capable of providing a stable and efficient power supply, even in demanding industrial environments.

Enhance Productivity with Dependable Power:

The 3.3kva 110V Transformer is a reliable and durable solution for powering multiple tools. With its impressive capacity, convenient connectivity options, compact size, and sturdy construction, this transformer is versatile and easy to transport. Invest in this dependable and efficient power source to enhance your productivity and ensure a consistent power supply for your heavy-duty tools and devices.


1. What is the capacity of the 3.3kva Transformer 110V Portable 2x16A?

The transformer has a capacity of 3.3kva. Making it suitable for handling heavy loads and powering multiple tools and devices simultaneously.

2. What type of sites or environments is this transformer ideal for?

This transformer is perfect for construction sites, workshops, and various industrial environments. Where reliable power is needed to operate tools and equipment.

Part No10961
SOCKET2*110V 16A
CABLE1.5M H07RN-F 3G1.5MM2
N.W. (KG)15.5
G.W. (KG)165