4Way 110V Splitter Box with 16A Plug and 4x16A Outlets

Product Features:

  • Outlets: 4 x 16A, 110V sockets
  • Cable Length: 5m, 1.5mm cable
  • Housing: Metal box
  • Plug: 16A, 110V
Part Number: 10895



4Way 110V Splitter Box:

This Connexion Electricals 4Way 110V Splitter Box the last answer for powering a couple of devices on your process website online. It is specially designed to offer comfort, durability, and versatility, making it a quintessential accessory for any professional running in the discipline.

Streamlined Power Distribution:

With its 4 16amp 110v sockets, this 4Way 110V Splitter Box gives you the capacity to electricity up to four gadgets simultaneously. Say goodbye to the trouble of restrained strength outlets or the want for more than one extension cord.

Flexible and Reliable Cable:

The blanketed 5m 1.5mm cable provides sufficient attain, permitting you to place your gadget with no trouble and without restrictions. No more struggling with brief cords or compromising your workflow due to restricted mobility. This 4 Way 110v Splitter Box is design to deal with the needs of rigorous activity website use, making sure of reliable electricity transmission and durability.

Robust and Protective Housing:

Durability is paramount in the site work, and Connexion Electricals’ four 4 Way 110v Splitter Box excels in this regard. The robust metal box housing gives extremely good durability and protection against impacts, making sure the inner components stay secure and operational. Rest assured, your system and the splitter field itself are safeguarded from potential harm, imparting a reliable strength distribution system.

Quick and Secure Connection:

Connecting the splitter field for your power supply is quick and trouble-free, way to the blanketed 16amp 110v plug. This plug is design for a smooth and secure connection, making sure of a solid energy supply without the danger of accidental disconnections or interruptions.

Boost Your Site Work Efficiency:

Upgrade your strength distribution setup with the Connexion Electricals four 4 Way 110v Splitter Box. Experience the benefit, sturdiness, and reliability of this green electrical solution. Boost your productivity and efficiency with this dependable and progressive splitter field. Invest in a strong solution that maintains up with the demands of your site work.


1. What is the voltage rating of this splitter box?

The Connexion Electricals 4-Way Splitter Box is design for use with 110v power systems.

2. How many devices can I connect to this splitter box?

This splitter box features four 16amp 110v sockets, allowing you to connect up to four devices.

Product 4Way 110V Splitter Box with 16A Plug and 4x16A Outlets
Part Number 10895
Model No 10895
Safety Level Class I
IP Level IP44
Safety Certificates CE
ROHS Directive Compliant
CASE Steel yellow powder coated casing
Input Voltage AC110V
Output Voltage AC110V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Input Current 16A MAX.
CABLE 1.5mm 3 core PVC Cable
DIMENSIONS 5000 mm in length
COLOUR yellow
Input Plug 110V 16A, IP44
Output Socket 4x110V 16A, IP44
Quantity of inner box 1
Quantity of each inner carton 4pc
Net Weight Approx.10kg
Gross Weight Approx. 11.4kg
Outer Box Dimension 56x38x28CM
SKU 10895
EAN 5023003000544
GTIN 5023003000544


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