6Way 110V Splitter Box with 32A Plug and 6x16A Outlets

Product Features:

  • Outlets: 6 x 16A, 110V sockets
  • Circuit Protection: 3 x MCB circuit fuses
  • Cable Length: 5m, 4.0mm cable
  • Housing: Metal box
  • Plug: 32A, 110V
Part Number: 10889



6Way 110V Splitter Box:

This 6Way 110V Splitter Box with MCB, the remaining answer for splitting electrical circuits is quite simple and performance. This among the best product is design for construction and site work, providing a dependable and sturdy energy distribution answer.

Safety First with MCB Circuit Fuses:

Enhanced Safety Features:

With 4 x 16amp 110v sockets, safety is paramount, and that is why it is ready with 3 MCB circuit fuses. These fuses act as a shielding barrier, detecting and responding to overcurrents, ensuring the protection of your connected devices and preventing any capacity harm.

Built to Last in Harsh Conditions:

Durability Guaranteed:

Durability is fundamental in electric devices, and this splitter field delivers. The robust steel container housing is constructed to face up to even the harshest situations, supplying dependable performance in any environment. You can rest assure that this splitter container is build to last.

Convenience and Flexibility:

Long Cable for Easy Placement:

For comfort, it comes with a 5m – 1.5mm cable, taking into consideration flexible placement and easy attain. No more struggling with quick cables or constrained mobility. And with the included 32A 110v plug, you may have the electricity you need to get the job done successfully.

Trust in Quality and Performance:

The 6Way 110V Splitter Box with MCB is the proper energy distribution answer. Trust in its excellent construction, dependable overall performance, and improved safety functions to fulfill all of your electrical needs. Don’t accept anything much less than the pleasant. Order your 110v 6 Way Splitter Box with MCB today and enjoy the distinction it could make to your work. Make your life easier!


1. What is the purpose of the 110v 6 Way Splitter Box with MCB?

It is design to split electrical circuits and provide multiple power outlets for connecting devices and equipment.

2. How many sockets does the splitter box have?

It allows you to connect multiple devices simultaneously for a better experience on your site, railway, and construction work.

Technical Specification
Product 6Way 110V Splitter Box with 32A Plug and 6x16A Outlets
Part No 10889
Safety Level Class I
IP Level IP44
CASE Steel yellow powder coated casing
Input Voltage AC110V
Output Voltage AC110V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Input Current 32A MAX.
Cable 4.0mm 3 core PVC Cable
Dimensions 5000 mm in length
Colour Yellow
Input Plug 110V 32A
Output Sockets 6x110V 16A
MCB 16A 2P C MCB x 3Pcs
Quantity of each Carton 1PC
Net Weight Approx. 6.8kgs
Gross Weight Approx. 7.6kgs
Outer Box Dimension 32x22.5x38.5CM
Certifications CE, ROHS, UKCA
EAN 5023003000650
GTIN 5023003000650
SKU 10889

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