Cable Tidy Reel 25m Hook Up Lead Wire Holder

Product Features:

  • Model: Tidy Reel
  • Length: 25m

Part Number: 8065


Caravan Motorhome Storage Caravan Tidy Reel 25m Mains Hook Up Lead Wire Holder

With the help of our Cable Tidy Reel 25m, keep your cords neat and untangled. This mains hook up lead wire holder, made especially for caravans and RVs Campervan, provides a practical and effective way to store and organize your extension cables.

Important characteristics:

  • 25 meter Tidy Reel: This tidy reel’s broad length of 25 meters makes it easy to handle lengthy wires, which makes it ideal for a variety of uses. Designed to keep your mains hookup lines organized and easily accessible, this tidy reel is perfect for RVs, caravans, and other outdoor installations.
  • Versatile Use: This cable organizer keeps your extension wires neat and tidy and may be used in garages, workshops, campers, and caravans.
  • Compact Design: Your wires will always be neatly wound and ready for use thanks to the lightweight, compact design, which makes it easy to store and travel.
  • Sturdy Design: Constructed from premium materials, this cable tidy reel is made to endure both frequent use and inclement weather.

Perfect for:

Campervan and caravans: Prepare your mains hookup leads in advance of your upcoming trip. Garages and workshops are ideal for organizing extension cords and maintaining a clean, secure work area.

Outdoor Events: Perfect for easily managing cables while setting up temporary power solutions for outdoor events.

Why Select Our Cable Tumbler?

Tidy Reel: Specifically made to prevent tangles in your cords. With a cable tidy reel, you may store your extension cables effectively and have easy access to them. This multipurpose tool is ideal for organizing lengthy extension lines.With a length of 25 meters, the Tidy Reel is suitable for a wide range of uses and guarantees that your cables are always accessible. Organize and make your mains connection lines easily accessible. Perfect for RVs and caravans.


  1. Distance: twenty-five meters
  2. Ideal for: Extension cables and mains hookup leads
  3. Construction: Sturdy, premium material
  4. Design: Lightweight and compact for convenient transportation and storage

With our Cable Tidy Reel 25m, you can improve cable management. Get yours today to benefit from an efficient and easy-to-use cable arrangement for your workshop, RV, caravan, or outdoor gathering!

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