Cassette Reel 10m 4x 13A Sockets 1.25mm Cable Diameter 13A Plug


  1. 10m
  2. 1.25mm Cable
  3. 4 x 13A Sockets
  4. 240v
  5. 13A Plug
  6. Neon light and Thermal Cutout
Part Number: 5074

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Cassette Reel 10m with 4x 13Amp Sockets:

Our Cassette Reel 10m – a compact yet powerful solution for your electrical extension needs. This product is expertly designed to combine convenience and functionality, providing an impressive 10 meters of extension while maintaining a sleek, easy-to-store design. Equipped with a 13Amp plug, this reel is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, catering to a wide range of applications from home DIY projects to professional settings. Its user-friendly cassette format ensures easy deployment and storage, making it a versatile addition to your electrical toolkit.

Robust and Reliable:

Built with durability in mind, this Cassette Reel features a cable diameter of 1.25mm, ensuring it can handle various electrical loads with ease. The robust design of the cable minimizes the risk of wear and tear, offering reliability and a prolonged lifespan. Whether you’re using power tools, garden equipment, or setting up outdoor lighting, this reel provides a stable and dependable power source.

Multiple Socket Advantage:

This Cassette Reel is not just about reach; it’s also about power distribution efficiency. Equipped with four 13Amp sockets, it allows simultaneous connection of multiple devices. This feature is particularly beneficial in scenarios where multiple power sources are required but are inconvenient to access. The 13Amp sockets ensure that a wide range of appliances and tools can be connected safely and conveniently, maximizing your productivity and efficiency.

Safety and Compliance:

Safety is a key aspect of this Cassette Reel. The inclusion of a 13Amp plug guarantees compliance with standard electrical safety regulations, providing peace of mind in terms of both performance and safety. The reel’s design incorporates features to prevent overheating and overloading, ensuring a safe operation in various environments. Perfect for both domestic and commercial use, this Cassette Reel 10m with 4x 13Amp Sockets and a 1.25mm cable diameter is an essential item for anyone needing a reliable, safe, and efficient extension solution.

Technical Specifications
Product10m 13A 1.25mm 4 socket cassette reel
Part No5074
Safety LevelClass I
IP LevelIP20
Safety CetificatesCompliant(CE)
RoHS DirectiveCompliant
Input VoltageAC220V
Output VoltageAC220V
Input Current13Amp MAX.
Cable1.25mm2 3 core PVC cable
Dimensions10m in Length
Plug220V 13A BS Plug
Socket220V 13A BS socket
Packing TypeCarton Box
Quantity of Each Carton6pcs
Net Weight9.7KGS
Gross WeightApprox.10.5KGS
Outer Box Dimension48.5X30X29