Fluorescent Anti Corrosive Link Light

Product Features:

  • Power: 58W
  • Fitting: Fluorescent
  • Cable Length: 1m with 110v plug
  • Socket: 110v
  • Mounting: Includes fixings
Part Number: 10910



Fluorescent Anti Corrosive Link Light

Introducing the Fluorescent Anti Corrosive Link Light, a reliable and sturdy lighting fixtures solution. Specifically designed for construction and site work. With its anti-corrosive, this link mild is a perfect choice for industrial use.

Bright and Cost-Effective Lighting:

Efficient 58W Fluorescent Bulb:

Operating on a 110v AC voltage, the 58W fluorescent becoming offers vibrant and efficient illumination. Additionally, it capabilities a 1-meter plug and socket for clean connectivity to an energy supply, simplifying the setup technique for you.

Energy-Efficient and Durable:

It’s power-green fluorescent becoming not simplest promises brilliant illumination. But, additionally facilitates you shop on energy prices, making it a cheap desire on your lighting fixtures wishes. Whether you want to light up a site work, this mild is a reliable and long-lasting light answer. Its anti-corrosive housing ensures durability and correctly protects the inner components, making it appropriate for even the hardest environments.

High Performance, Low Complexity:

With its low complexity and excessive overall performance, the Fluorescent Anti Corrosive Link Light is designed to fulfill your lighting fixtures wishes without compromising on an exceptional performance. Illuminate your space with confidence, knowing that this light is constructed to face up to the demands of your commercial or industrial putting.

Upgrade Your Lighting with Confidence:

Experience the several advantages of the Fluorescent Anti Corrosive Link Light these days. Enjoy its corrosion-resistant housing, electricity-efficient performance, and smooth setup manner. Create nicely-lit surroundings that complement the productivity and safety of your space.


1. What is the wattage of the Link Light?

The Link Light has a wattage of 58W, ensuring brilliant and green illumination in your area.

2. Does the Link Light include the tube?

No, it no longer encompasses the tube. It is design to be like minded with a wellknown fluorescent tube, giving you the ability to select the best tube for your lighting needs.

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