Grip hand Lamp 60w 110v

Product Festures:

  • Power: 60W Bulb
  • Cable Length: 3m
  • Voltage: 110v
  • Plug: 16amp
  • Fitting: ES (Edison Screw)
Part Number: 88883



Grip hand Lamp 60w 110v

The Grip Hand Lamp 60w 110v is the suitable lighting answer for each person searching out a portable and versatile alternative. That can be easily moved and placed as wished. This lamp operates on a 110v AC voltage, and it’s miles designed with a 3m cable. Which provides flexibility while positioning it in diverse paintings settings.

Bright and Reliable Lighting:

Powerful 60W Bulb with ES Fitting:

Featuring a powerful 60W bulb and an ES becoming, the Grip Hand Lamp 60w 110v gives vivid and reliable lighting fixtures. That makes it ideal for use in garages, workshops, or outside settings. The lamp’s 16amp plug makes it clean to connect with a power supply. So you may have dependable lighting fixtures while you want it maximum.

Easy to Handle and Position:

The grip deal with layout of the lamp makes it easy to hold and circulate around. It lets in you to position the mild as needed for choicest visibility. This makes it an appropriate solution for all and sundry who needs a portable mild source that may be utilized in loads of settings.

Effortless Bulb Replacement:

In addition to its high-quality lighting fixtures skills, the Grip Hand Lamp 60w 110v is also design for easy bulb alternative, way to its ES fitting. This method you can fast and easily change the bulb whenever wanted, without the need for any specialized equipment or system.

An Essential Tool for Any Workspace:

Overall, it is the correct lights answer for folks who want a dependable, portable, and flexible option for their workspace. Its brilliant and electricity-efficient lights, blended with its smooth-to-use layout, make it an crucial device for any process site or workspace.


1. What is the voltage requirement for this lamp?

The Grip Hand Lamp 60w 110v operates on a 110v AC voltage.

2. What kind of bulb does this lamp use?

This lamp uses a 60W bulb with an ES fitting.

3. Can tyou use this lamp in outdoors?

Yes, the Grip Hand Lamp 60w 110v is use in outdoor settings. Making it a versatile lighting solution for a variety of work environments.

4. Is the lamp easy to carry and position?

Yes, the grip handle design of the lamp makes it easy to carry and position as needed for optimal visibility.

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