Halogen Fitting inc Bulb 110v


  1. 20w LED fitting
  2. 3m
  3. 1.50mm Cable
  4. Adjustable Portable Stand
  5. 110v
  6. 16 amp
Part Number: 10921




Halogen Fitting inc Bulb 110v

If you need bright and energy-efficient lighting for your workshop, construction site, or any other setting, our Halogen Fitting inc Bulb 500w is the perfect choice!

Durable and Reliable Performance:

This lighting fixture features a durable metal stand and a long-lasting die-cast head, ensuring it delivers reliable performance and ample illumination. Its powerful 500-watt halogen bulb provides bright and focused lighting, making it ideal for applications requiring high-quality illumination.

Easy to Connect and Use:

Operating at one hundred ten volts and equipped with a 16-amp plug, this halogen fixture is easy to connect and use. With a 1.50-millimeter diameter cable that extends 3 meters, you will have plenty of flexibility and mobility when setting it up.

Safety Considerations:

However, it is crucial to heed warnings while using this fixture because the high heat generated by the halogen bulb can pose a safety risk. To ensure safe and reliable performance, take appropriate safety measures, such as wearing gloves and avoiding direct contact with the bulb.

Versatile Lighting Solution:

If you need a reliable and versatile lighting solution, consider our Halogen Fixture with a 500-watt bulb. This powerful fixture can be used in various settings, whether on a construction site, at an outdoor event, or simply to provide bright and focused lighting in your home or office. Rest assured, this fixture is designed to meet all your lighting needs.

Order Yours Today:

So why wait? Order your Halogen Fixture with a 500-watt bulb today and start enjoying the benefits of this powerful and efficient lighting solution!


1. What is the operating voltage for the Halogen Fitting?

The Halogen Fitting operates at 110 volts.

2. Is the Halogen Fitting easy to connect and use?

Yes, the Halogen Fitting comes with a 16-amp plug and is easy to connect and use.

3. Can the Halogen Fitting use in outdoor settings?

Yes, the Halogen Fitting use in both indoor and outdoor settings.

4. Does the Halogen Fitting generate heat?

Yes, the Halogen Fitting generates heat due to the high heat produced by the halogen bulb.