LED Link Light 44W


  1. 44w LED Fitting with fixings
  2. 1m with 110v Plug/ 1m with 110v
  3. 16amp 110v coupler link
  4. Lumen Output: 4050 Lumens
Part Number: 10910LED




LED Link Light 44W

The LED Link Light 44w is a powerful and flexible lighting solution. Design to fulfill the desires of indoor and outside settings. This light fixture uses superior LED era to offer bright and even illumination. It is ideal for online website paintings and construction.


One of the specific functions of the LED Link Light 44W is its potential to multiple lighting together to create an extended lighting chain. This feature gives more flexibility in positioning and allows users to personalize the period of their light chain to suit their unique wishes.

The mild has a 1-meter cable featuring a 110v plug. Making it easy to set up and use in diverse settings. It operates with a 110v power supply, ensuring compatibility with maximum electrical systems. It is constructed to last, with a rugged housing and shatterproof polycarbonate lens that protects against effects and climate. Using superior LED technology, it is energy green and consumes less strength than traditional light solutions. This eco-friendly characteristic can assist in reducing strength fees over the years.

Overall, it’s miles a reliable and flexible lighting answer that can meet the wishes of diverse indoor and outdoor settings. Its superior LED era, durable production, and electricity efficiency make it a fantastic choice.


1. Is it suitable for outside use?

Yes, the LED Link Light 44w is designed to resist the needs of each indoor and outside environment. It is a rugged housing and shatterproof polycarbonate lens that guards against effects and weather.

2. How strength efficient is this product?

It uses a superior LED era and consumes less power than conventional light solutions, making it a green and price-effective option for customers.

3. How lengthy is the cable that comes with the LED Link Light 44w?

It comes with a 1-meter cable.

4. Can multiple LED Link Lights be related to creating an extended light chain?

Yes, the particular layout permits the connection of a couple of lighting fixtures together to create an extended chain.