LED Telescopic Tripod Light 110v 2x20w

Product Features:

  • Power: 2 x 20W LED Fittings
  • Cable Length: 5 meters (1.50mm cable)
  • Voltage: 110v
  • Plug: 16amp, 110v
  • Lumen Output: 3600 Lumens
Part Number: 10914



The LED Telescopic Tripod Light 110v 2x20w:

It is a versatile and powerful answer. Features 20w LED fittings hooked up on a telescopic tripod stand. Its top can adjust up to five meters. Making it suitable for a variety of construction and site work.

Exceptional Illumination:

This lights fixture is equipped with LED Telescopic Tripod Light generation which gives bright and even illumination. Making it perfect for any assignment that requires ample lighting fixtures. It operates with a 110V electricity source and includes a 1.50 mm cable and a 16A plug for smooth connection. The LED fittings can independently alter to extraordinary angles, providing extra flexibility in lighting direction.

Lightweight and Durable Design:

The LED Telescopic Tripod Light is designed to be lightweight and durable, making it easy to carry and position where needed.

Reliable Solution for Various Applications:

Overall, it’s far a dependable solution for a variety of applications. It can provide shine or even illumination, making it an extraordinary alternative for any undertaking that requires enough lighting fixtures. With its adjustable height, smooth-to-use layout, and sturdy construction. This lighting fixture is an incredible investment for everyone who desires a reliable solution.


1. What is the energy supply for the Light?

It operates with a 110-volt electricity supply.

2. What is the cable thickness of the Light?

The cable has a thickness of 1.50 mm.

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Product 2x20W LED Tripod FloodLight Driverless
Part No 10914
Product T Lighting
Safety Level Class I
IP Level Ip44
Safety Certificates CE
RoHS Directive Compliant
Input Voltage 110VAC
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power 2x20Watt
Power factor( PF) >0.5
Cover Material Tempered Glass lens
Housing Material Die-casting Aluminum Bod
The whole lamp light Angle 12T
Luminous Efficiency(Lm/W) ≥ 90Lm/W
LED luminous Lumen
Color temperature CCT CCT
Color Render Index(CRl) CRI
Application Outdoor or indoor
Ambient Temperature -15℃- 45℃
Storage Temperature -20℃- 55℃
Lifespan 25000-30000Hrs
Color Of lamp shell Yellow black
Power line H05VV-F 3G1.0mm2
Cable length 3mtr cable
Plug 16A CEE Plug
Connect wire Brown
Quantity of each Carton 2PCS
Net Weight Approx 9.6 Kg
Gross Weight Approx 9.6 Kg
Outer Box Dimension 71.5x32.5x24.5cm
SKU 10914
EAN 5023003000858
GTIN 5023003000858

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