LED Tripod Uplight Light 36w 110v

Product Features:

  • LED Fitting: 1 x 36W
  • Cable Length: 5 meters
  • Power Sockets: 2 x 16amp
  • Stand: Folding tripod
  • Voltage: 110v
  • Plug: 16amp
  • Lumen Output: 3600 Lumens
Part Number: 10949



LED Tripod Uplight Light 36w 110v:

Our LED Tripod Uplight Light 36w 110v is a specially flexible light solution that can be used in sitework, construction, and railways. The product functions as a folding tripod stand that can be adjusted to a height of as much as 5 meters. Making it ideal for supplying ample insurance in numerous settings.


It has a single 36W LED fitting that gives you vivid or even illumination. It also offers strength-efficient lighting fixtures that reduce eye strain and fatigue. The LED technology used in this product makes it an eco-friendly and value-effective alternative.

In addition to the LED light, the tripod stand includes 16amp power sockets, allowing you to attach other equipment. The 5-meter cable and 16A plug that comes with the product makes connecting to an electricity source, providing instant and trouble-free lighting. Made with a folding tripod stand, for easy to use at sites and construction work.

Overall, it’s far a dependable and convenient lighting answer that could meet your workspace’s needs. Its superior LED generation, robust creation, and added energy sockets make it a tremendous preference for everyone who needs a flexible setup.


1. Is the product energy-efficient?

Yes, the LED technology used in this product offers vibrant and even illumination at the same time as being electricity-green. It also reduces eye stress and fatigue and saves on energy expenses.

2. Can I use this product outdoors?

The LED Tripod Uplight Light 36w 110v is layout indoors and exterior.

Product 110V 36W LED up Light
Model No 10949
Product Type outdoor Lighting
Safety Level Class I
IP Level IP54
Safety Certificates CE
RoHS Directive Compliant
Input Voltage 1 IOVAC
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power 36Watt
Cover Material PC + Steel Black Powder Coated Casing
Main Pieces of Material 336PCS
LED Quanti SMD 2835
LED >95LmfW
Luminous Efficiency(Lm/W) 36001m
Lumens > 0.9
Power factor 70
Color temperature(CCT) 6400K
Application Outdoor or indoor
Ambient Temperature -20 oc- 550C
Storage Tempertature -30t- 750C
Life Time 30000Hrs
Beam Angle 3600
Power line 1.5 mm2 3 core PVC Cable - H05 VV-F
Length 3000 mm in length
Color Yellow
PLUG lx 1 IOV 16A Yellow Plug to EN 60309- Part
No. P1134
SOCKET lx 1 IOV 16A grey & yellow socket to BS EN
60309 — Part No-FSI 134 with gaskets.
Spare-part Ipc Threaded round hole strap retaining clip
Ipc Adjustable nylon carrying strap
Connect wire Brown

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