STANLEY FATMAX Tool Bag with Shoulder Strap

Product Features:


  • Wide opening zip design for quick and convenient access to hand tools, small power tools and parts.


  • For organizing small tools or personal items.


  • Protects bag contents from dirt and moisture.

Part Number: 1-93-950


STANLEY FATMAX Tool Bag with Shoulder Strap


  • Solid block vials provide best in class accuracy in 8 orientations – 0.5mm/m
  • Vials magnified by 20% for improved all round visibility

STANLEY FATMAX Tool Bag: Organize and Protect Your Tools

When it comes to efficiently organizing and transporting your tools, the **STANLEY® FATMAX® 18 Inch Tool Bag** stands out with its impressive set of specifications:

Weight Capacity [Metric] – 20 Kg:

Designed to handle a substantial load, this tool bag can accommodate your essential tools without compromising on functionality.

Product Width :

With a generous width, this tool bag provides ample space to arrange your tools and equipment in an organized manner.

Capacity  :

Offering a sizeable capacity, this bag ensures that you can store a wide range of tools while keeping them easily accessible.

CE Mark – No:

This tool bag boasts quality and reliability without the need for additional certification.

Product Height :

The optimal height of the bag allows you to neatly stack and access your tools without any hassle.

Lockable :

While not lockable, the bag offers secure storage for your tools and accessories.

Soft Storage Product Type :

Crafted as a durable and efficient bag, it’s ideal for both professional tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts.

Product Weight :

Lightweight yet robust, this tool bag is designed for easy portability.

Protected Laptop/Tablet Storage :

Tailored specifically for tools, this bag ensures your equipment’s safety during transportation.

Product Handle Type :

The soft-grip carry handle makes it comfortable to carry the bag wherever your projects take you.

Wheels :

While lacking wheels, its ergonomic design ensures easy manual transport.

Depth :

The bag’s depth strikes a balance between compactness and spaciousness, offering ample room for your tools.

Waterproof Base :

The rigid waterproof base safeguards your tools against moisture and dirt, ensuring their longevity.

Product Weight Gross :

The overall weight of the bag remains consistent, even with tools stored inside.

Product Length :

49 cm The length of the bag accommodates longer tools and helps maintain their integrity.

Product Overview:

Convenience and Longevity Combined

The **STANLEY® FATMAX® 18 Inch Tool Bag** goes beyond specifications, offering convenience and durability to professionals and enthusiasts alike. With a wide-opening zip design, accessing your hand tools, small power tools, and parts becomes swift and straightforward. Internal and external pockets provide ample room for organization, while the rigid waterproof base shields your tools from dirt and moisture. The adjustable shoulder strap and soft-grip carry handle make transportation comfortable. Constructed from heavy-duty 600 denier fabric, this tool bag ensures lasting performance, making it an essential companion for your projects.

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