Stanley Powerwinder Chalk Line Set With 113g Blue Chalk & Level

Product Features:

  • High Capacity: Holds 45g/1.5oz chalk.
  • Strong String: 100ft of 40lb string.
  • Durable Hook: Rust-resistant stainless steel.
  • Compact Crank: Folds inside for storage.
  • Convenient Storage: On-board hook storage.
  • Quick Release: Crank doesn’t spin when pulling out the line.
  • Easy Refill: Sliding door for fast refills.
  • Dual Purpose: Functions as a plumb bob.


Stanley Powerwinder Chalk Line Set:

When it comes to marking lines, the Professionals and home renovators both use Stanley Powerwinder Chalk Line Set. With its large chalk capacity of 45g/1.5oz, you can say goodbye to frequent refills. Spend more time working on your project and less time worrying about running out of 30M Blue Line Chalk. The 30m length of the blue line chalk provides an extended reach, allowing you to mark long, straight lines with ease and efficiency.

Durable Blue Line Chalk:

Stanley Powerwinder Chalk Line is a long-lasting substance that can handle tough industrial settings. Its case is designed to hold up against tough conditions, ensuring that your chalk remains protected and ready for use. The stainless steel end hook is not only large and aggressive but also resistant to rust, ensuring its longevity and maintaining its performance over time. You can trust that this chalk line will deliver precise and reliable results, project after project.

Convenient Features for Ease of Use:

Stanley understands the importance of convenience when it comes to your tools. The Stanley Powerwinder Chalk Line features on-board hook storage, allowing you to keep the hook securely in place when not in use. No more searching for misplaced hooks or worrying about tangled lines. The metal crank conveniently folds inside the case for storage, keeping it safe and compact. Plus, with the quick gear release mechanism, the crank will not spin when pulling out the line, ensuring a smooth and controlled operation.

Quick and Easy Refills:

The sliding door on the Blue Line Chalk makes refilling a breeze. Simply slide open the door, pour in the chalk, and you’re ready to go. No mess, no fuss. The quick and easy refill feature saves you time and keeps your focus on the task at hand. Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming refills and keep your project moving forward.

Versatility with Plumb Bob Utility:

The weight and style combination of the Stanley Powerwinder Chalk Line provide an additional utility: the ability to function as a plumb bob. This versatile feature allows you to achieve vertical alignments and ensure accuracy in your projects. From marking straight lines to creating vertical references, this chalk line kit has got you covered.

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