The Connexion Electrical range of Transformers is a reliable and versatile collection of devices that designed to adjust voltage according to specific needs. Whether you require an increase or decrease in voltage, our range offers various options to meet your requirements. Transformers play a crucial role in electrical systems by ensuring the smooth and safe flow of power. At Connexion Electrical, we offer a diverse selection of transformers that tailored to different voltage needs. Whether you are operating industrial machinery or sensitive electronic devices, our transformers provide a stable and reliable power supply.

If you need a portable solution for powering your devices, our Portable Transformer is the perfect choice. These compact and lightweight units are easy to carry and are ideal for situations where space is limited. They designed to be efficient and reliable, ensuring that you have a steady power supply wherever you go. Additionally, if you require precise control over voltage and mobility is important, our Hand Held Transformer is the answer. These portable devices allow you to directly control the voltage output, ensuring safety and ease of use.

The 110V Transformer specifically designed to increase voltage, making it essential for applications that require higher power input. It commonly used in industrial processes, specialized machinery, and other equipment with elevated voltage requirements. Safety is a top priority, and the Connexion Electrical Transformer undergoes thorough testing to meet stringent safety standards. This guarantees that your electrical equipment and devices receive a dependable and secure power supply.

If you’re in need of voltage conversion solutions, Connexion Electrical Transformer collection offers a variety of options to meet your needs. Whether you require a traditional transformer, a portable and hand-held transformer, or a step-up transformer, our products designed to provide stable and efficient power. You can trust in the reliability and versatility of our Transformers to power your equipment and projects, no matter the location or circumstances.

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Transformers are electrical devices that change the voltage of a circuit, allowing power to be transmitted efficiently. They are important in different industries to ensure that electrical equipment receives the right voltage. Here are descriptions of various transformers designed for use at 110 volts.

1.5KVA Transformer 110v:

The 1.5KVA transformer is a compact and versatile device designed for small-scale electrical applications. It is specifically designed to convert an input voltage of 110 volts to a different output voltage level, providing flexibility in power supply for a wide range of devices and machinery.

10KVA Transformer 110v:

The 10KVA transformer operating at 110 volts is a durable power converter designed for use in demanding industrial settings. Its high capacity ensures the consistent and dependable performance of equipment that requires significant electrical power.

110v 3.0KVA Portable Transformer:

The 110v 3.0KVA Portable Transformer is an ideal choice for individuals or businesses in need of portable power. With its compact size and easy portability, it can be easily transported to construction sites, outdoor events, or any location where temporary power is required. Its reliable performance and versatility make it a convenient solution for various power needs.

110V Hand Held Transformer:

The 110V hand-held transformer is a useful tool for electricians and technicians due to its convenient design. It is specifically designed to be easily held and operated, making it ideal for tasks that require quick voltage adjustments and testing in various field settings.

110v to 240v Step Up Transformer:

A 110v to 240v Step Up Transformer is a device that increases the voltage from 110 volts to 240 volts. It is commonly used to power appliances or machinery that require a higher voltage input than what is available.

3 Phase 10kva Transformer 110v:

The 3 Phase 10kVA Transformer at 110 volts is specifically designed for use in three-phase power systems. It plays a crucial role in industrial and commercial settings by ensuring that power distribution is balanced across multiple phases. This balanced distribution is essential for the efficient operation of various electrical equipment and systems.

Portable 3.3KVA 110V Transformer 2x16A:

The Portable 3.3KVA 110V Transformer with 2x16A outlets is a versatile and convenient power solution for various applications. Whether you're working on a construction site, in a workshop, or tackling outdoor projects, this portable transformer provides the power you need. With its two 16-ampere outlets, you can easily connect multiple devices at the same time, making it efficient and convenient for your power needs.

Portable 5KVA Transformer 110V:

The portable 5KVA transformer 110v is specifically designed to meet the power requirements of demanding electrical applications. With its higher power capacity, it offers flexibility in power distribution and can be easily transported to wherever it is needed.