Check out our collection of 110v Plugs & Sockets that includes various dependable options made to keep your gadgets powered up. In this range, you’ll find IP44 coupler sockets and a flexible 110V 3-way splitter, both created to match your power needs smoothly.

The tough IP44 coupler sockets are great for many situations. They’re strong and can handle different conditions, even outdoor places or spots where things might be tough. These sockets are made to work well in any situation, so your power stays on, even when things get hard.

Choosing the right power amount is important for things to work right. We have 16amp and 32amp choices to make sure your gadgets get just the right amount of power. This helps your gadgets do their job without any problems.

If you need to power lots of gadgets at once, our 110V 3-way splitter is perfect. It lets you connect many gadgets to one power source. This is easy and helpful when you have a bunch of gadgets that need power at the same time.

Our 110V Plugs & Sockets collection is great because it has many options that work well. There are sockets that can handle tough weather, and splitters that make everything simpler. We want to help you make the most of your gadgets without worrying about power.

To sum up, our 110V Plugs & Sockets collection gives you different ways to keep your gadgets powered up. From strong IP44 coupler sockets to useful 3-way splitters, we made each part with care. We want to make sure you can use your gadgets anytime you need to, no matter what challenges come up.

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